Dermatomes and myotomes sheet

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Dermatome map. Dermatome maps show the sensory distribution of each dermatome across the body. Clinicians can use test touch with a dermatome map as a way to localise lesions, damage, injury to specific spinal nerves, and to determine the extent of the injury, for example, if a patient is experiencing numbness in only one area. Pain (& temperature): With pin (use both blunt & sharp ends) test dermatomes lat upper arm (C5), thumb (median, C6), posterior 1 st web space (C6, radial), middle finger (median, c7), little finger (ulnar, C8), proximal medial forearm (T1) Light touch: Dab (don’t stroke) with cotton wool test same dermatomes. Less discriminating

Dermatome Chart / Dermatome Map Use of the following dermatome chart/map is free for personal use in reports and educational presentations on condition the copyright on the poster is kept intact and no alterations are made to the chart. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the following dermatome chart, but if This group of cells also reproduces and forms a new layer of cells. The dermatomyotome consists now of two portions: myotome, which lie more medially and form the origin of the skeletal musculature (5) as well as the dorsolateral dermatome, out of which - among other things - the subcutaneous tissue proceeds. The tissue thus has again lost its ...

An aponeurosis attaches to muscle and is a strong flat sheet of connective ... of interest to us is the myotome. ... of the skin are derived from the dermatome. Jan 22, 2012 · Myotome is a group of tissues that develop into the body wall muscle, whereas dermatome is an area of the skin which is supplied by a single nerve from the spinal cord.